Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't You Just LOVE Free???!!!

It's been a long week! I've been back to school this week for pre-planning, and to say the least it has been busy. It's also approximately 1,623,872 degrees here, so being in the inferno outside while moving stuff at school has just worn me out! So sorry for the absence of posts this week!

Here are some free deals! Print these ASAP, because they are going to go FAST!!

-Dove Deoderant: Click here to go to Target's website and print a Target coupon on Dove deoderant. Then click here to print a manufacturers coupon on Dove Deoderant. Use these in combination with one another at Target and it will make the deoderant free.

-General Mills Cereal: Click here to go to Target's website and print a $1 coupon on General Mills Cereal. The single serving cereal cups are $1 each, making it free. I printed 20 coupons, so I can get 20 for free. :)

-Archer Farms Deli Ham: (this is a tricky one) Click here to go to Target's website and print a coupon for $2 off Archer Farm's Deli Ham. Then go have ham cut and packaged seperately into 1/3 lb packages at the Deli at Target. Use 1 coupon for each package of ham and it will be free or nearly free. The ham sells for about $6 a lb. I printed 15 coupons so I can get at least 5 lbs for free. If you feel wierd asking them to package it that way, make up some kind of story that your husband/roommate/son/teenager wants it that way or they won't eat it. They'll think you or your family member are odd, but it won't be odd when you have free lunch meat! LOL By the way, I am going to freeze what we aren't using this week.

-Smithfield Bacon: click here to go to the Smithfield website. Click on sign up at the top of the page. Fill out the information and it will give you a coupon to print for $3 off a package of the bacon. Then you can hit back and print it a second time. I understand that the bacon sells for about $2.59 at Walmart, making it free. However, I haven't checked prices elsewhere, so YMMV.

Happy Savings Everyone!

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