Friday, September 11, 2009


Yes folks, I am officially admitting that I have slacked on my blog. However, I have a very good reason. It's a reason that many of you (of my 3 or 4 readers) who read this may share with me.

I am a teacher!

Yes, that's my reason. Of course you probably have no concept of why that statement could possibly be a reason for slacking on a blog unless you are a teacher.

You see, this summer consisted of me wearing flip flops and shorts, sleeping until Austin woke me up (i.e. no alarm), taking a nap if I could wear Austin out enough to take one himself, having a clean house, being able to go to the grocery store any 'ol time I pleased and being able to blog whenever I wanted. (My, how much longer until summer starts again??) So now, I had to get back into a routine *gasp*. That routine consists of waking up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 AM. Yes, many mornings my wretched alarm clock wakes me up from a peaceful dream filled sleep. The first thing I do is get in the shower. By the time the shower is over, I can usually pry my eyes open enough to make sure my clothes match and dress myself. Then I pack lunch and breakfast for Austin and myself. I fill a large thermos PLUS a travel coffee mug full of coffee, because I can't survive without coffee. Then I blowdry my hair and put on makeup. You know, gotta make myself look presentable so I won't scare off the small children I teach. Then I wake up Austin. This usually involves dragging him out of the bed as he still doesn't understand why in the world I would wake him up when it is still dark, or in his words "night" outside. After dressing Austin and getting his hair combed and shoes on, we get in the car and head off into the night. Oh wait, it's not the night, it's the morning. Sinfully early, but the morning. I drop off Austin at school at 7:00 AM and head to my own school at which I must arrive by 7:25. Then I do all of my teaching duties. This can be exhausting and very challenging. Especially when you teach special needs children and their success can sometimes be rare and hard to come by. I do everything I can to leave by 3:30. I drive back to Austin's school, pick him up, and then head home. Tired yet? I am, but the day STILL isn't over! I usually cook dinner, or turn off the crock pot, or even sometimes order the pizza as soon as I walk in the door. Otherwise, I will just vegitate on the couch and we'll all starve. So after dinner things get cleaned up a little, I might do a load of laundry and I make the lunches for the next day. Then I collapse. Later, Austin gets bathed and put to bed. Shortly thereafter I fall into bed and promptly fall asleep so I can wake up the next morning and do it all again.

So yea, getting used to this new routine has been exhausting. So the blog has taken a back seat. I am going to try to do this more often, because if you have read anything on my blog before, you might know I have some dreams with this thing. So more posts to come.... in the meantime, happy savings!

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