Monday, April 25, 2011

Publix Greenwise Market Ad Week of 4/25 to 5/4

For all you Publix Shoppers out there, I have some good news.  I have learned that your regular Publix store will  honor the Publix Greenwise Market sales.  You only have to go to the Publix Greenwise Market Website, and print a shopping list.  Take that with you (and your coupons) and your store will match it!  I do suggest that you call first to make sure your store honors this policy.

Here are the matchups that go with this week's sale.  I compiled these myself, please leave a comment if you know about any other matchups.

Publix GreenWise Market


Betty Crocker Gluten Free Mix $4.19
Save $4.19

Big House the Birdman Pinot Grigiot Wine
Save up to $9.99

Cheetos Natural Cheese Flavored Snacks
Save up to $3.49

Organic Florida Grape Tomatoes
Save up to $3.69

Uncle Sam Cereal
Toasted Whole Wheat Berry and Flaxseed: Orginal or with Wild Strawberries
Save up to $3.69

Smart Balance Whipped Buttery Spread $3.69
Organic Certified, 13-oz Tub
Printable  (enter zip code 76109)
Use two $1/1 Printables makes it .89 cents each!

Koyo Organic Rice Cakes
Mixed Grain, No Salt or Lightly Salted
Plain or Buckwheat
Save up to $3.29

Terra Summa Wine $11.99
Save up to $11.99

Publix Greenwise Market Top Sirloin Steak  $6.99/lb

Lifeway Lowfat Keifer Cultured Milk Smoothie
Printable .50/1
$1/2 Lifeway Keifer Products 2/6/11 SS
As low as $3.00 each with 2 .50/1 coupons or 1 $1/2 coupon

Saint Albray Cheese $11.49/lb
Save up to $7.00/lb

Publix Steam-In-Bag Vegetables
Save up to $3.90 on 10

Arctic Zero All Natural Frozen Dessert 2/$7.00
Assorted Varieties 16 oz Carton
Save up to .98 cents

Organic Yellow or Zucchini Squash $1.29/lb

Publix Greenwise Market Tilapia $7.99/lb
Save up to $1.00/lb

Gourmet House Organic Brown Rice .99 cents each
14 oz bag
Save up to 36 cents

Publix Greenwise Market Organic Beans
Black, Pinto, Dark Red Kidney, Garbanzo or Soy
15-oz can
Save up to 30 cents

Publix Greenwise Market Tomato Ketchup
Organic, 20-oz bottle
Save up to 78 cents on two

Go Raw Energy Bars 4/$9.00
Assorted flavors, 100% organic

Health and Beauty
Seventh Generation Pads $3.99
$2.99 each after coupon

Jarrow Formulas Dietary Supplement $10.99
Bone-Up Regular or Vegan, 120 ct bottle, All Natural
Save up to $3.00

Gerber Organic 2nd Foods

In-Ad Coupons

$1.00 /1 Any Immaculate Baking Co. Cookie Dough

$1.00 off the purchase of Organic Cascadian Farms Chewy Bars

$1.00/1 Cascadian Farms Organic Frozen Fruit or Vegetables

$1.00/1 Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps

$1.00/1 Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt 32 oz tub

$1.00/2 Lipton Pyramid Teas

$1.00/2 Odwalla Smoothie

$1.00/1 Aveeno Shampoo or Conditioner and other hair care products

$5.00/1 Brita Pitcher

.50/1 Organic Valley Milk

.60/1 Back to Nature Cookies

.75/1 Blue Diamond Almond Milk

Buy Any Two Kashi Cereals Get One Kashi Bar Free

An Update...

It's been a really long time since I've had a chance to update this blog.  Life has been rather busy to say the least.  So here are a few paragraphs to recap life at our home.

-Austin and ADHD.  He is doing wonderfully at school since we put him on medication.  His writing has improved dramatically (that was the first sign that meds were working).  At the recommendation of the doctor, I did not tell his teacher that we had started medicine.  (She did know we were talking about it.)  She stopped me in the mailroom one day after school and said "What have you done with Austin, did you put him on medicine because he is like a different kid!?!"  I found out that almost immediately he began keeping up with the class, behaving better and reading at a slower pace.  My very smart advanced reader with ADHD often reads at warp speed.  He can easily make errors this way.  So we are thankful that medicine has slowed him down.  We are proud to report that he made Honor Roll and got Perfect Behavior on his report card for the third quarter.  Honor Roll has never been a problem for him, but he has never gotten a behavior award.  I was so proud I cried!

-We are on the homestretch for school ending for the year.  This week is Spring Break and then we have a 6 week long dash to the last day of school.  I am looking forward to Summer Break!

-Finally, yesterday was Easter Sunday.  I could write all about how my meal turned out, how many Easter Eggs Austin found at the hunt or even about the Easter Basket we gave Austin. But what I will really write about is the REAL reason for yesterday.

You see, there was a man who was without blame.  He spent his 32 years on this Earth ministering to others.  His mother was a virgin when He was born. There was no IVF or IUIs back in those days, so His birth was truly a miraculous one.  He performed many miracles; He turned water into wine, He fed 5,000 people with a few fish and a few loaves of bread, He raised Lazarus from the dead and helped a lame man walk again.  That's just a few of the things He did.  He had thousands of followers.  But the Pharisees wouldn't have it.  They convinced the Roman Government to crucify Him.  They couldn't find any fault in Him, but they crucified him anyway.  They beat him to shreds before they made him carry his own cross up to the hill they were to execute him on.  His hands and feet were nailed to the cross. While He hung there, the soldiers cast lots (gambled) for his clothes.  He was mocked by people standing around the cross.  When he finally died, there was an earthquake.  He was laid in a borrowed tomb.  His friends and disciples wept and cried the day after he died.  But on the Sabbath, a few friends went to visit his tomb and an angel was sitting there and the stone that covered the Tomb door was rolled back.  The angel told the women that He was not there, he had risen just as He said He would.  Who is this man?  He is Jesus.  He's my Living King.  Is He yours?  Don't wait another second to make Him your King.