Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mary, an unlikely miracle

This morning on the way to church, I was listening to our local Christian radio station. They play mostly Christmas music this time of year and Austin enjoyed listening to some of his favorites.

As I rounded the corner to the road our church is on, the song by Amy Grant that we've all heard a million times came on; "Mary Did You Know". I've heard this song more times than I can imagine. In fact, when I was in high school and this song was all the rage, one of my really good friends sang it for a staff reunion at the summer camp I attended in those days.

But today was different. I was subbing in Austin's class and I was going to teach the traditional Christmas story. I was thinking that I wanted to get across to the five year olds that this coming Saturday isn't about all those presents under the tree, and is truly about our Savior being born.

As I listened to that song, I began to think about what it must have been like for Mary. I guess I've never thought deeply about this before, but today I did. I remember carrying my son. I remember holding my belly and feeling him kick and squirm and talking to the boy I hadn't yet met. I remember telling him then how much I loved him. I remember that in spite of the incessant heart burn, never-ending back aches, unending all-day sickness and swollen feet, I was desperately in love with this baby inside of me. But for Mary, it was different. I am sure that she too loved the baby she carried with a love only a mother can have. But rather than being in love with just a baby, she was carrying the Savior of the world. I can't imagine knowing that the baby I carried was prophesied for thousands of years before and that the same prophecies that were being fulfilled also carried the message that this baby would be crucified by the very ones he came to save. I can't call up Mary and find out what she was thinking, but I can imagine that she was beyond overwhelmed at the honor of bringing our Savior into the world.

This season I celebrate our Lord and Savior. It's not about all the gifts, lights, parties and cookies. It's about celebrating the fact that Jesus came to be born in a barn, was laid in a trough, was crucified by the very ones he came to save and rose again three days later. Praise God for His immeasurable gift, His Son.

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