Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ten Years Ago

Ten Years Ago Today...
-I was a poor college student
-I was hard at work studying to become a teacher
-I worked part time in the College of Education at the University I attended
-I could fill my four door Saturn up with gas for about $10.00 (and that's when it was empty)
-I managed to feed myself for about $20.00 a week
-I really lived the partying life-- frapuccinos at Starbucks until midnight (and getting kicked out for taking pictures)
-I was currently living alone in my dorm room for the summer
-I loved Jesus and was teaching Sunday School at my church (still lovin' Jesus)
-I was so excited about teaching school and was incredibly niave about how much work and just how hard it was going to be to actually teach school.
-I was finishing the summer semester and getting ready for my last semester before my internship.
-I was a few months out of a relationship that was all wrong from the start
-I was thoroughly convinced one of my closest friends, Denise, had married the last decent man on earth and I surely would be single for the rest of my life...
-And then I started fooling around in a Christian Singles Chat Room on AOL rather than writing a unit plan for one of my classes...
And that's the day my life changed. It changed for the better and I haven't yet regretted procrastinating over my assignment. That's because a guy that was also from Jacksonville decided to IM me. That man, was to become my future husband... that man was my sweet Paul.
I am so thankful I decided to go in that chat room that day, because what followed was a wonderful friendship online. Then Paul asked to call me. I believe we spoke on the phone for 3 or 4 hours the first time. Then after a few weeks of phone calls, we agreed to meet one another on my next trip home. August 14, 1999 Paul came to my parents' house and took me on a date. We went to the mall, shared dinner and talked for hours. We hit it off well, and I had to go back to school. Paul came to visit that semester and we talked about marriage soon after starting to date. On December 17, 1999 I moved home to my parents' house to complete my internship. On December 18, 1999 Paul took me out to dinner and to see the Nutcracker. I wore that dress from Denise's wedding (it was a little cold as it had narrow straps and no sleeves). Even though it was a cold drizzle, Paul took me out by the river and gave me a large box to open. Inside was a Bride's Magazine, I gasped and then looked up to see Paul dropping to one knee. He told me how much he loved me and asked me to be his wife. I gleefully said yes, and we were officially engaged! We married July 21, 2000.
I am so glad that I met Paul 10 years ago today. We have been through a lot together--good and bad. And regardless of how rocky or smooth the road has been, I couldn't have asked for anyone else I'd rather share my life with. I love you Paul. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader of our family, a loving husband and a faithful provider for us. God truly blessed me when he brought you into my life.

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