Thursday, July 9, 2009

Austin's First Teeth Cleaning

This morning, we went to the pediatric dentist to have Austin's teeth cleaned for the first time. I was somewhat apprehensive. I didn't know if he would freak out or just be calm and let them do their job. Before we went, I told him we were going to go get his teeth brushed by the doctor and that there were games to play there. He loved the idea of games at the doctor. In fact, when we arrived the first thing he asked the receptionist was "where are the video games?". You would think that we allowed this child to play video games 24/7, but in fact we do not. After the receptionist explained that the video games were in the back, he settled in to watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I took care of the insurance and paperwork.

Shortly thereafter, we were called to the back where the hygenist spoke to me and told me what they were going to do. She explained that the xrays they took today were great for letting us know ahead of time if he has any extra teeth and what kind of condition his permanent teeth are in. A few minutes later, the xray technician called us back. Austin easily sat up in the chair and let him take 4 xrays without complaining at all. While he doesn't look thrilled in the picture, the fact of the matter is that he cooperated. I was so proud.

After his xrays, we went to the waiting area in the back with the beloved video games. He immediately started playing some game with Mario in it.

See, he's happy!

After he played with the video games, it was time to clean his teeth. He fussed a little over the tool that suctions liquid out of your mouth. But, after he realized it was okay, he laid back and let the hygienist do her job.

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