Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am NOT Super Mom

You might be reading the title to this post and think "really, so what, who cares", or you might think "what, but I thought you were", or "if you're not then you better start fixing things".

When I did a quick Google search on "Super Mom", I found some interesting things. First of all, I found this blog where a mom confesses her desire to NOT be super mom. Then I found the how-to blog on which the Super Mom is idolized and there are directions on how to do all things super. But really, what is the proverbial "Super Mom"? It appears that the Super Mom is never behind on laundry, the dishes are always done, gourmet meals are served nightly, the house is spotless, she holds down a job of some kind, the kids are dressed in the best clothes, her husband is never neglected, she volunteers, she coupons with the best of 'em, she is the Team Mom, and always prepared for every possibility.

None of those things that describes "Super Mom" are bad in any way. In fact, if someone actually accomplishes all of that above then that's not a bad thing at all. But you know what? None of that is important. My son won't look back one day and say "hey, that time I really needed to talk to my mom and she decided to do the dishes instead, that was so okay with me because my kitchen was always clean". I am not advocating that you should live like a slob. But in the end what matters the most is that I've truly been present for my son, all the while loving his daddy like I should. Because the best gifts I can give my son besides being involved with him is to lead him to love Jesus and for me to love his daddy like I should.

So here's my confession: I have a basket of clean laundry piled up in the laundry room waiting for me to fold it. Guess what? I'm not folding it tonight. And you know what else? There are dishes in my sink right now. Guess what? I'm not putting them in the dishwasher tonight. But you know what else? After Austin got out of the tub tonight (I am not filthy, I do bathe my child) we played word games. And we laughed and we enjoyed time together. Guess what? That's a million times better than the laundry being folded and put away. And something else even better? My husband and I had a moment tonight when the song that was sung at our wedding came on a radio show he was listening to. Those things, those moments, you never get them back. But dishes, and laundry, and mopped floors... those can all be done a little later.

So I don't want to be Super Mom. And if you thought I was before you read this, please change your view of me. I am not that woman who always has it all together, and I never will be. But I'm happy as I can be that I got to be called Mom at all and I sure do love my husband.

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