Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Many Uses of White Vinegar

I have fallen in love with White Vinegar. You may think that this is an odd love to have, but there are reasons. You see, White Vinegar is safe for human consumption. That means that whatever I purpose I use it for, I do not have to worry about toxic fumes or chemicals harming anyone in my home. It might not be tasty, but you could drink a gallon of White Vinegar and it wouldn't hurt you.

Since beginning to use this in my home, I have found many useful purposes for it. The best part? It is absolutely CHEAP! I bought a gallon of store brand White Vinegar a few days ago for less than $3. When some cleaners are far more than $3 for less than 1/2 gallon this is a deal within itself. Often White Vinegar goes on sale (particularly around the holidays) and you can nearly get it for free with coupons.

I know it smells. However, when white vinegar is dry, it becomes odorless. Additionally, you can add the juice of an orange, lime or lemon to your solution and it will help with the smell. Citrus is a natural cleaner as well.

These are the uses I have found for White Vinegar. Have you found others? Please leave them in the comments section if you have.
-All Purpose Cleaner: I have a spray bottle in which I dilute white vinegar with some water. I use it just as I would use another all purpose cleaner. Bathrooms, kitchen counters, kitchen sink, etc.
-Solution for Mopping: I add a little white vinegar to hot water to mop the floor.
-Rinse Aid for the Dishwasher: Yes, add it instead of Jet Dry to your dishwasher. Dishes come out spotless.
-Fabric Softener: Dilute the white vinegar (about 1/2 water, 1/2 white vinegar) and add to your fabric softener dispenser. Clothes come out fresh and fluffy. If you are looking for a scent with your clothes you can add some of the citrus mentioned above or you could add essential oils. Your clothes will NOT smell like Vinegar. :) They will be odorless.
-Coffee Pot Cleaner: Fill your coffee pot reservoir with a few tablespoons of white vinegar and hot water. Run the cycle, dump and then run a few cycles of just hot water. It will clean any gunk built up in your pot and make it run smoother.

Have more uses? Post below in the comments section.

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